Live Programs
  • Bibi George Chacko is a renowned name in the christian Media. He has proved his mark as a technician and coordinator in the industry since 1992. His wide technical knowledge includes Media works (both pre- and post- production), exceptional camera handling, crisp editing and outstanding visualization. He was also involved in imparting training and facilitation of media consultancy for churches and individual ministries. Bibi has the track record of visualization of more than 1300 Christian episodes spread across various channels, has the distinction of recording more than 50 Live Christian Musical events and held live coverage of about more than 120 crusades in India and abroad. Apart from these, Bibi has also been the producer of Christian musical albums and has smoothly conducted several large events, seminars and crusades to signify the Glory of God.

    In the year 2005, Bibi George Chacko accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord through a gospel sharing by Mr.Jayapalan, an auto driver. Later, Bibi had immersed baptism with the help of Pastor M. Poulose from Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu who is his spiritual Father. He is encouraged and helped in his work by his life partner, Siji Bibi . He has two siblings, Kc Ninan (Biju) Air India & Dr Chacko (Binu)Baltimore USA.